Thursday, April 14, 2016

Allyson's 6 year stats!

weight: 40lbs (25th %)
height: 45.5" (50th %)

*my animal lover
*loves horses the most
*Beauty (her horse) is her favorite pet
*wants to be a cowgirl and an artist when she grows up
*rockstar in Kindergarten
*reading at first grade levels
*my big helper with Radley
*best friend is her neighbor Jocelyn
*still loves her dance class
*still a picky eater but getting better!
*still a night owl
*stays outside all day with her animals if I let her
*lost 6 teeth so far
*favorite restaurant is Red Robin
*favorite food is mac-n-cheese
*favorite dessert is GREEN (mint) ice cream
*favorite drink is orange juice
*favorite Disney princess is Ariel
*won't stop talking about going on a Disney cruise (in 2018)
*favorite color is pink
*stick horse is named Diamond
*brings so much joy to our family!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Rad's 9 month stats! (out of order)

17lb 15oz (20th %)
27.75in long (40th %) 
17.5in head (40th %). 

He finally grew into his head! Haha. Three words describe this boy: HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! Seriously he is a ray of sunshine in our home! He has about 5 teeth, loves all and any baby food, army crawls, SO ticklish, obsessed with chewing on shoes (sick), laughs when I change his diaper, and loves his bath time.

Kilee Jo's 4 year stats!

4 year stats for my animal-loving kilee jo: 33lb (35th%) & 42in tall (90th%). My super tall and skinny girl! People are always shocked when I tell them her age (because she is so tall). 
*loves to wear dresses
*idolizes big sis
*sassy pants
*loves her sleep (asks to go to bed)
*favorite thing to do is ride her bike

*still struggles with a few sounds in her speech but improving all the time!
*mommy's girl
*ava is her best friend
*favorite color is pink
*favorite food is pizza
*favorite movie is Aladdin 

*Ryla the horse is her favorite pet 

Rad's 1 year stats!

19.5lb (20th%)
29.25in tall (25th%)
head: 18.25in (60th%)

My baby is one! Oh how I love this boy! He is just pure joy to be around and smiling 95% of the time. He can take about 12 steps, favorite food is mac'n'cheese, has TEN teeth, loves his sisters, still nurses at night (that will stop this month), loves to dance, and he knows when he is being naughty (taking the remote or a cell phone)

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Rad's 6 month stats!

Weight: 16.5lbs (35th %)
Height: 26.25in (45th %)
Head: 17.5in (85th %)

He now has his two bottom teeth! (which mommy doesnt like because he has already bit me like 6 times!) He has the sweetest demeanor. He will smile at anyone! His hair is ALWAYS in a mohawk (haha). He started baby foods and likes them all so far! He loves to stick his tongue out. He loves to pull blankets over his face. He prefers standing over sitting. Love this big-headed boy of mine!

Rad's 4 month stats! (I forgot to post this)

Mr. RAD is now 4 months! I've been told the 3rd baby is the best and he is definitely living up to that! He is a godo eater, has been sleeping thru the night for a few weeks now, is super super smiley, rolls over all the time, and has had more blowouts than both of my other babies combined! Love this boy to pieces. Rad's 4 month stats: 14 lbs (25th %); 24.8 in long (25th %); head is 16.5 in (50th %) and he took his shots like a champ.